Business Terms

CPS Construction Ltd shall subject to these Terms & Conditions carry out the Work in accordance with the Specification and in a prompt and efficient manner.

Unless a specified date or period of commencement of work has been agreed between the parties then CPS Construction Ltd shall commence work as soon as its practicable for us to do so. The Customer shall make all arrangements reasonably required by CPS Construction Ltd and without charge to enable CPS Construction Ltd to commence work on arrival of workmen and/or equipment and/or materials.

The Customer agrees that they will pay CPS Construction Ltd  the contract sum together with any Value Added Tax properly chargeable upon the contract sum with the Term period specified on each individual invoice. CPS Construction Ltd reserves the right to revise the rates stated in the Quotation consequent upon any increase in the cost of materials, goods, services, transport or other unforeseen contingencies.

The said rates are based on the assumption that the site conditions are as notified to CPS Construction Ltd before the date of the Quotation. If CPS Construction Ltd encounters any harmful materials or obstruction not previously notified then the quoted rates may be amended to take account of incurred costs CPS Construction Ltd in carrying out the works.

Unless otherwise stated outstanding balance is payable in full on the day work is completed.

CPS Construction Ltd will be entitled to suspend works for the following eventualities:
Until payment in full is received from any interim invoices submitted in accordance with the payment terms specific to the Customer.
A winding up order being made or resolution passed against the Customer.
Any termination or suspension shall be made without prejudice to any payment claim CPS Construction Ltd may have.
CPS Construction Ltd will be entitled to full payment as specified in the quotation for work done and materials supplied up to the date of suspension.

Any materials delivered to the Customers site become the responsibility of the Customer. CPS Construction Ltd is not responsible for any loss, damage, pilfering or extra expense caused by such losses after delivery of materials to site.
The materials once delivered shall be at Customers risk but shall remain the sole and absolute property of the company as legal owner until such time as Customer has paid to the company the full price for the materials together with the full price of any other goods the subject of any other contract with the company.
The company may for the purpose of recovery of its materials supplied to the Customer enter any premises where they are stored or where they are reasonably thought to be stored and may repossess and resell the same.

CPS Construction Ltd shall carry out the works as stated in the quotation with reasonable care and skill.

If the Customer deems the work not to a reasonable standard he will immediately or within 14 days of the date of final invoice on completion of the works notify in writing to CPS Construction Ltd any such defects. CPS Construction Ltd will examine and should any examination show any failure to comply with the quotation shall repair or make good the relevant defect.
CPS Construction Ltd will accept no liability whatsoever in the following;
Damage or defects caused by the Customer.
Damage or defects caused by circumstances beyond the control of CPS Construction Ltd Damage caused to cables, gas, water, electric mains or sewers or any underground services, the existence, location and depth which has not been disclosed to CPS Construction Ltd 7 days prior to commencement of works.

Water pollution, heave, flooding or subsidence.
Ditches slumping due to flooding or other cause beyond the control of CPS Construction Ltd
The failure of any drainage system to provide adequate drainage where such defect is mainly due to the design upon the basis of which the drainage was installed unless the design was that of CPS Construction Ltd in which case CPSI Construction Ltd shall not be exempted from liability except where the design was aimed at keeping costs as low as possible for the Customer and the Customer was warned in writing before entering into the contract that the design might be inadequate for its purpose.

Settlement of fill over drain runs or gravel in sand slits unless a specific agreement has been made in the quotation.

The Customer shall indemnify CPS Construction Ltd against all liability loss damage or cost incurred by CPS Construction Ltd by reason of:
Any act of omission occurring during the execution of the works or CPS Construction Ltd compliance with its obligations hereunder insofar as such liability loss damage or cost has been caused by the negligence or fault of Customer and/or his employees or agents.
Any claims made by a third party against CPS Construction Ltd in the course of or arising from the execution of the works, act or omission occurring during the course of CPS Construction Ltd compliance with its obligations.

If any provision of these terms and conditions shall be determined to be invalid or unenforceable or illegal then this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the above terms and conditions, which shall be interpreted as if such invalid provisions had not been inserted.

The Customer undertakes to provide adequate warning to (if any) their personnel including their own Customers to heed caution during CPS Construction Ltd execution of the work and to respect the safety CPS Construction Ltd employees whilst executing the work. Any damage to vehicle, machinery or personnel will be chargeable to the Customer.

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